Stop guessing your supply charges. 

No matter how much you use, or how volatile the weather is, 

you pay the same for natural gas every month. 

Most people don't know exactly how much their natural gas bill is going to be until they receive them. That's because energy markets are volatile and our consumption varies each month.

At Commerce Energy, we believe in a transparent price for your supply so you know exactly how much you're paying
each and every month. It's a customized plan called the Predict-a-Bill from Commerce Energy. No matter how much natural gas you use, your monthly supply price remains the same.

With the Commerce Energy Predict-a-Bill plan you'll benefit from:

No surprises - pay the same price for your natural gas supply each month.

Comfort without compromise - protect your wallet from harsh winter climates.

Peace of mind - know what your natural gas supply will cost you each month.

Make the right choice for your home - worry free.

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Frequently asked questions

    *Price disclosed is subject to change depending on your historical gas usage and excludes the AGLC Base charge and taxes.