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Commerce Energy is also pleased to offer Georgia residents competitive energy supply solutions.

Our Variable Rate Plan provides:

  • Flexibility – to take advantage of lower rates while market prices are down.
  • Choice – to lock in your supply rate if natural gas prices start to increase*.
  • No exit fees – Cancel at anytime, no cost to you!

Our Fixed Rate Plan offers:

  • Protection – from market volatility. You will never pay more than your fixed rate for supply, even if natural gas rates increase.
  • Opportunity - to take advantage by securing today’s low market rates for months to come.
  • Stability – so you can budget your long-term natural gas supply costs more effectively.

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    *Customers who have remained in good standing for 12 consecutive months have the option to lock in their natural gas supply rates through one of our fixed rate programs.Price disclosed is subject to change depending on your historical gas usage and excludes the AGLC Base charge and taxes.